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Our North Street HMO

Our North Street HMO

GM Property Solutions is a family run business that specialises in purchasing, renovating and developing outdated and neglected properties.    

Our Aim

Our aim is to provide quality properties to our investors and tenants. We do this by using our knowledge and experience to give both our investors the required return on their investment, while giving tenants a house that they can call their home.  For our HMO's, we also meet with local councils to ensure all housing standards are met and exceeded.  This gives our customers the best accommodation in the area and increases the duration of tenancies.


Our Training 

We let and manage all our properties ourselves using our extensive training and experience. This knowledge and experience enables us to give our tenants everything they require while staying close enough to deal with any issues the moment they happen.

Our Strategy

We specialise in buying under market value properties that are unable to sell.  We let these as  HMOs, adding value with refurbishment and/or development and refinancing after 9 months, for the full market value.  We always leave 25% equity in each property.  Our primary investment areas are in Wisbech & March.


Our Mission Statement:

To bring older vacant property back into use to satisfy a growing rental demand, whilst providing additional employment opportunities to local trades people, and creating a viable property business

Creating solutions



We have a history of 96% occupancy across our portfolio


A Top 10 Service

GM Property Solutions has been instrumental in helping me find a property that would provide me with an additional steady income to supplement my pension. HMO Client

'The Best HMO I've seen in the area!' Guy Jackson - EPC Surveyor