Family Business


Working as a Family

After becoming accidental landlords in 2014 and enjoying renovating our own home. We were inspired by a property seminar about making an income from property. Glenn had almost 20 years experience in Retail managing teams of people and I had renovated several properties gaining equity with each time.

We educated ourselves on the different strategies and took the massive leap into property investing. After Glenn was offered voluntary redundancy in 2015 we were able to grow the portfolio much quicker and 6 months later we had replaced his income and by time our third daughter was born in 2017 we had comfortably replaced both incomes and were both able to work on and in the business.

We have worked mainly on investing in HMOs with some single let properties and a few flips. We have also had some Joint ventures with a business partner which are ongoing.

We are looking to grow our portfolio further this year adding some more single lets to balance out our HMO stock.

Our vision for the future is to have a Portfolio Manager for all our properties freeing up our time to look into other investment strategies.

Our Family

Our Family